"Concerned with the General Welfare of the Deaf of Iowa"

Updated  October 18, 2021

Useful Links

Here is a list of our favorite links about Deaf World.  We hope this list helps you LOCATE / RESEARCH ENTER SUBJECT. If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send email to Jerry Siders.

Deaf Iowans Against Abuse

Deaf Iowans Against Abuse

Home page

DIAA - Deaf Iowans Against Abuse







Educational Programs for the Deaf


Residential School for the Deaf

Commission of the Deaf

Deaf Services Commission of Iowa

Organizations of, for, by the Deaf


NAD is a non-profit organization designed to empower Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals.

Teletypewriter Devices for the Deaf

Telecommunications Access Iowa

A Guide to Closed Captioning Technology

Addiction Treatment andReha for Deaf/HardHearing Individuals

Addiction Treatment and Rehab For Deaf/Hard Hearing Individuals:

Within this guide, you’ll find information on specific risk factors for this population, the dangers of substance use disorders (SUD), important elements and access points within treatment, and resources to help you find a program to best serve your needs.

College Advice for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

College Advice for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

The first guide was supported by five experts in the field and includes information to help deaf students transition from high school to college, provides advice from the experts on specific degrees and careers options, and describes deaf and hard of hearing student advocacy and leadership programs. You can check out the entire guide here:

Supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

Supporting Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

The second guide helps connect hard of hearing students with valuable tools, technology, and resources that they can lean on. It also features scholarships specific to hard of hearing students, provides advice on finding a college to fit particular needs and breaks down how colleges are becoming more inclusive environments. You can read more here.

The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar

A new guide was created by the financial experts at The Simple Dollar addressing the challenges of buying a new home as a person with a disability that’s published in conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to accommodate the special needs of persons with disabilities.

The Best Scholarship Search Platforms of 2018

The Best Scholarship Search Platforms of 2018

We’re trying to raise awareness around the barriers that hinder students from pursuing their college education and wanted to see if this guide could be a helpful tool. 

College for Students with Disabilities Guide

College for Students with Disabilities Guide

This would be a great fit for any student, family member, or educator looking for information on how to prepare for higher education regarding disabilities. The guide is 100% free and covers educational opportunities, preparation steps, knowing your rights, different types of disabilities, and recommended resources for additional information.

Guide to College Planning for Hearing-Impaired Students

Guide to College Planning for Hearing-Impaired Students partners with to provide students with direct connections to schools and programs suiting their educational goals. We also host a wide array of free college planning, financial aid, and career resources to help all students get the most from their education and prepare for the world after college.

Addicition Center for Disabilities

Addicition Center for Disabilities

People with disabilities are substantially more likely to suffer from substance abuse disorders than the general population. The website, known as, which is a substance abuse resource site that serves as an information hub connecting people to treatment options.

Our guide on disability and substance use disorders and how to help them in recovery:

Why The Disabled Are At A Higher Risk For Substance Abuse And How To Help In Recovery

"For people with disabilities the prevalence of substance abuse disorders is higher than the general population, at 40 percent"

We created an informative guide about "Why The Disabled Are At A Higher Risk For Substance Abuse And How To Help In Recovery"

Travelling with a Medical Condition

Travelling with a Medical Condition

Introduction to Travelling with a Medical Condition.
Travelling Abroad with a Disability.
Tips for Travelling with a Medical Condition.
Guide to Travelling with Certain Medical Conditions.
Useful Links & Further Information.

Studying in Germany as A Disabled Student


Studying in Germany as A Disabled Student

Studying in Germany as a disabled student is nothing different compared to studying as a student without any disabilities. This is thanks to their high-quality and well-organized education system which aims to be equally accessible to every student regardless of their physical abilities.

Early Interactions With Children Who Are Deaf-Blind

Early Interactions With Children Who Are Deaf-Blind

Helpful site for parents who have Deaf-Blind Children

How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities

How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities

Helpful site for parents who want to create a backyardsanctuary for their kids with disabilities.

Sign Language Fun With Games and Puzzles

Sign Language Fun With Games and Puzzles

Helpful site for parents who use sign language fun with games and puzzles

Reading Together: Tips for Parents of Children with Hearing Loss or Deafness

Reading Together: Tips for Parents of Children with Hearing Loss or Deafness

Helpful site for parents who want to see their deaf child develop reading skills.

SOCIALIZATION and the Child who is
Deaf or Hard of Hearing

SOCIALIZATION and the Child who is
Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Helpful site for parents who want to help their child to develop social skills

5 tips for teaching a deaf child to swim

5 tips for teaching a deaf child to swim

Helpful site for parents who want to teach their child to swim

College Planning For Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Students

College Planning For Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Students

Helpful site for parents who want to help their child to get ready for college

Financial Resources and Discounts for Students With Disabilities

Financial Resources and Discounts for Students With Disabilities

It has a lot of helpful information on financial aid options, college scholarships, accommodations for college students with disabilities, as well as assistive technology, equipment and tools, etc.

Resources for Business Owners with Disabilities

Resouces for Business Owners with Disabilities

These resources can help prospective business owners living with a disability make their dream of owning their own business a reality.

Senior Care and Assisted Living Guide


These resources can help getting information about caring senior citiens and assisted living.

The Full Guide to Flying with a Disability

The Full Guide to Flying with a Disability

It contains useful information such as: 
Understanding the struggle disabled travellers face when they try to fly. Figures show 57% of these travellers said they had difficulty when accessing an airport or flying. 33% of people also said they were unhappy with the service provided for them at the airport.
The barriers disabled travellers face when they fly. Did you know that 26 wheelchairs are damaged across the world on a daily basis? and some of these can cost tens of thousands to replace!
Practical advice on the best places to visit as a disabled holidaymaker, how to book up a hotel room which is right for you and how to get special assistant on your flight if you need it. The resource also covers medical information which you might find useful.

Other helpful tips and resources that can make planning and taking a trip abroad safe and easy for those with disabilities.

The Survival Guide For Specially-Abled Kids

The Survival Guidefor Specially-Abled Kids

Unless you are reading this guide to help another kid with special needs, you probably have a physical disability/challenge and must be thinking no one understands what it feels like to be you. Yes, nobody might know what it’s like to be you but you’re not alone. There’re many kids like you out there. Wondering if you can learn to cope with your challenges and get along with everyone else?

Home Improvement Resources for The Elderly & Disabled: Renovations and Grants

Home improvement Resources for the Elderly & Disabled Renovations and Grants

Few things represent independence as much as living in and maintaining your own home do. Owning or renting a house indicates that you are capable of taking care of yourself and free to live your life as you please — but this isn't the case for every homeowner or renter living in a house. People with disabilities or who are elderly might not feel autonomy, or even comfort, in their homes, as many houses in the United States are not designed to be accessible or accommodating.

sleep disorders 

Sleep Disorders

Our latest piece on managing the sleep disorders that patients with auditory problems most often struggle with. You can check it out here:

Job seekers and employees with deafness or hearing impairments

Job Seekers and employes with Deafness or hearing impairments

Job seekers and employees with deafness or hearing impairments have to contend with challenges in various aspects of their professional life and these challenges often require unique solutions, but if you know how to confront them, they are rarely barriers to finding a job or pursuing a particular career. Our guide details the discrimination and accommodation information present in the ADA act and highlights some of the best opportunities and positions available out there, along with some helpful resources and advice. 

A Definitive Guide to Travelling with Disabilities

A Definitive Guide to Travelling with Disabilities

This guide contains plenty of helpful tips such as:

A comprehensive guide to help travellers with disabilities and mobility issues plan and prepare their holidays and journeys abroad.
Practical tips and advice for the disabled traveller such as the best, most-accessible holidays and travel destinations, advice on bringing medications and medical equipment abroad, and a useful checklist of essential items to bring.
Detailed information about how travelling with a disability affects insurance, what items and equipment may or may not be covered by insurance (e.g. wheelchairs, hearing aids), and other important information.
Links to other useful disability resources and references that can help organise a safe and hassle-free trip.

Medicare Management for People with Disabiities

Medicare Management for People with Disabiities

Medication Management for People with Disabilities, which covers important tips and tricks for people with disabilities and their caregivers to properly handle prescriptions.

It’s not uncommon for folks with a disability to be placed on an extensive medication regimen. We created this guide to educate people on how to safely simplify this often complicated process. The guide offers practical advice on:

  • How disabilities might impact medication management
  • How to accurately read medication labels
  • Tips on medication organization and storage
  • Medication safety tips and dosage information
  • Downloadable medication management charts
  • And much more

All About Accessibility Remodeling and Retrofits

All About Accessibility Remodeling and Retrofits

A primer on home remodeling and retrofits for seniors and individuals with special needs.

Another information:  All About Accessibility Remodeling and Retrofits

Another information:  All About Accessibility Remodeling and Retrofits

Readers look  to know more about accessibility remodeling can find everything they need.

Students with disabilities find success in the healthcare field

Students with disabilities find success in the healthcare field

We created on our site designed to help students with disabilities find success in the healthcare field.
Healthcare can be a great career path for individuals with disabilities as they can provide valuable perspectives and experiences that directly benefit patients. However, they also face many unique challenges in school and later as professionals, and it can be difficult to know where to turn for quality information. To help, we produced a comprehensive guidebook that addresses these challenges, gives students career recommendations that accommodate their disabilities, helps explain their rights under the ADA, and much more. You can read the entire guide at the link below.

Vape Danger

Vape Danger

Vape Danger has compiled the most in-depth resources nationwide to help guide and serve all families affected by the health consequences of nicotine addiction. Nicotine addiction can lead to health issues and hinder brain development. Spreading awareness on the dangers of nicotine is the best we can do to combat this issue.

A preparation & safety awareness
guide for travellers

A preparation & safety awareness guide for travellers

Disaster preparedness and safety for travellers - useful suggestion

Find the Top Iowa College Degrees Online

Find the Top Iowa College Degrees Online

Degrees offered at 45 colleges in Iowa: 195 Associates Degrees, 171 Bachelors Degrees, 173 Masters Degrees, and 8 Doctorate programs.

Teaching Degrees in Iowa

Teaching Degrees in Iowa

According to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners, teachers must have at least a bachelor's degree and must complete a teacher preparation program. In addition, the teacher must meet endorsement requirements and complete a human relations component.

Guide to Accessible and Responsive Street Furniture

Guide to Accessible and Responsive Street Furniture

This guide contains plenty of helpful information such as:
1.  An overview of how good street furniture design and public infrastructure planning, as well as careful consideration of accessibility needs, can significantly improve the lives of people with disabilities.

2.  Important facts and figures about disability and accessibility. Did you know that, of the most common disabilities in the UK, 52% are related to mobility, 38% to stamina, breathing and fatigue, and 27% to dexterity?

3.  Insights into laws such as the Equality Act of 2010 and recent developments in accessible planning from both the public and private sector. (e.g.: In 2017, the city of Chester got first prize in the European Access City Award for going beyond the legal requirements for accessibility, particularly for their historic city walls.)

4.  Other useful resources, best practices, and sources of information to find out more about inclusivity in town planning, accessibility, and street furniture for the disabled.

Resources for Students with ADHD

Resources for Students with ADHD

Students suffering from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) usually retain this diagnosis since childhood. The data gathered in the National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) in 2016 and previous longitudinal studies reveals that almost every third child with ADHD will have this condition in adulthood. The overall nationwide prevalence of the disease among children of 2-17 years old is almost 10%. That is why everybody should be aware of this problem and possible solutions because this mental disorder prevents children from maintaining focus on learning and home tasks, keeping attention, and managing one’s time to obtain a good education.

Guide to Paying for College for People With Disabilities

Guide to Paying for College for People with Disabilities

Getting a college degree is hard enough, but it presents a different set of challenges for people who have disabilities. If you have a disability, this guide can help you determine how to get financial aid, and access scholarships meant for people with disabilities.

The Importance of Medicare Star Ratings

The Importance od Medicare Star Ratings

This helpful guide has already reached to relevant people and viewed by many.

Medicare vs. Medicaid:

Medicare vs. Medicaid

Describing key differences between Medicare and Medicare and what is covered.

What’s the Difference Between Burial Insurance, Life Insurance, and Funeral Insurance?

What’s the Difference Between Burial Insurance, Life Insurance, and Funeral Insurance?

Burial insurance is also known as “funeral insurance” and is an easy-to-qualify for, low coverage, whole life insurance policy designed to cover end of life expenses like medical bills, funeral expenses, and other debts that are left behind when you pass. Most burial insurance plans are affordable, have fixed premiums, and can be issued quickly.

Why you should get health insurance

Why you should get health insurance

Health insurance isn’t cheap, but going without it can cost you even more. Whether you get it through your employer or the Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace, know what you’re getting and what you aren’t.

Buying Private Health Insurance

Buying Private Health Insurance

If you don't have health coverage through your job, you may be looking at buying private health insurance companies. Of course, you'll be paying those premiums yourself, so you might also be concerned about how much private health insurance costs.

Will My Insurance Cover a Retirement Home or Assisted Living?

Will My Insurance Cover a Retirement Home or Assisted Living?

For baby boomers who are retiring today, this next chapter in life looks a lot different than it did for earlier generations. Boomers are redefining retirement on their own terms, which basically means that anything goes. You may be living the RV life, volunteering, or starting a second act with a whole new career. Whatever retirement looks like for YOU, one common thread that is part of all of our lives these days is the need to continue planning for our future.

Requirements for Long Term Disability

Requirements for Long Term Disability

If your employer offers you long-term disability (LTD) coverage as part of a benefits package, or if you've purchased an individual policy on your own, you may be eligible to continue receiving most of your salary in the event you become unable to work.

Do You Need Disability Insurance?

Do You Need Disability Insurance?

 Attention, 50- to 55-year-olds (and anyone who cares about a 50- to 55-year-old) — this column is for you. You're probably thinking: Here comes the reminder that it's time to start thinking about long-term care insurance. Close, but wrong. This is the reminder that it's time to start thinking about disability insurance.

Helping a loved one with their addiction

Helping a loved one with their addiction

The site is created this resource to help loved ones have a better understanding of addiction and insight on ways they could be enabling it as well as signs to look out for if they are concerned.

College Students Guide to Erogonomics

College Students Guide to Ergonomics

College Students Guide to Ergonomics which has super-helpful information and tips for college students on how to stay safe and keep active.

Alcohol-Related Medical Conditions

Alcohol-Related Medical Conditions

People who abuse alcohol often do so to escape the troubles of their lives. Whether they’re facing financial, emotional, or physical troubles alcohol often numbs them to their worries which is ironic because alcohol abuse is often the root cause of many of their problems.

Alcohol Misuse, Abuse, Addiction & Treatment

Alcohol Misuse, Abuse, Addiction & Treatment

Alcohol misuse and abuse are widespread issues affecting millions of Americans of all ages and backgrounds. Our team of journalists, researchers, doctors, and medical professionals has created a fact-based resource center on alcohol addiction and treatment. Learn more about causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

Senior Housing for Low-Income Residents

Senior Housing for Low-Income Residents

For seniors who have modest incomes, paying for housing- whether a home they own, a rental, or a room in a facility that provides additional senior care assistance- can feel nearly impossible. According to the National Council on Aging, in 2019 over 25 million Americans 60 and older were living on $31,225 or less per year, a status recognized as “economically insecure.” For those who rent, have housing debt, or need some form of assisted living, such an income is often inadequate for their housing needs.

Bathroom Modifications for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Bathroom Modifications for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Bathroom modifications are an essential part of home improvement as well, so I thought that this resource could be helpful for others like us.

STEM resources for kids with special needs; i

STEM resources for kids with special needs

 STEM resources for kids with special needs; it offers a range of options and approaches for parents and educators alike.

Guide for Students with Visual Impairments + Scholarships

Guide for Students with Visual Impairments + Scholarships

For students with visual impairments, the experience of obtaining tertiary education is double the challenge that an average student has to deal with. To understand how detrimental the situation is, here are some statistics for you. In 2015, the National Federation of the Blind registered more than 7 million adults with visual disabilities. Only 15% of them were able to get an academic degree, while more than 25% were not even able to graduate from high school.

medicaid and eligibility:
a state-by-state guide

Understanding medicaid and eligibility:  a state-by-state guide

The guide provides information on how Medicaid works, what the eligibility requirements are for every state, as well as alternative options in the event of ineligibility.

Coping With Sudden Hearing Loss

Coping Wiwth Sudden Hearing Loss

Sudden hearing loss, also known as sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL), is an unexplained, rapid loss of hearing. It can be difficult to deal with its surprising onset and impact on everyday life. If you have experienced a sudden loss of hearing, it’s important to know you aren’t alone. And while you may be frustrated with your condition, there are ways to adjust and find hope.

Warning signs of a hearing problem in a baby

Warning signs of a hearing problem in a baby

Signs of hearing loss can be different for different babies, and the extent of hearing impairment can vary. On their own, the warning signs may not be cause for worry (maybe your baby is a very sound sleeper, for example, or has colic and won't calm to any voice or soothing sound, no matter what), but you'll still want to contact your baby's doctor right away if you notice any of these red flags:

Hearing Loss – Home Modofocation Checklist

The goal of the Home Modification Checklist is to provide those with a hearing loss, their caregivers, family members or other interested persons an easy way to assess the home environment for problem areas. Once the problem areas are identified, solutions are
suggested to help the person with a hearing loss feel safer and more independent in
their home.

How to Set Up a Productive Home Office if You're Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Setting up a home office isn’t as simple as putting a computer on a desk and setting up shop. It takes some strategy to make sure you have a space where you’ll be able to focus on work, and if you’re deaf or hard of hearing (HoH), there are a few additional considerations to keep in mind. Details like layout, lighting, and the right tech are all key strategies in setting up a productive and comfortable workspace. Whether you’re a full-time or part-time remote employee, here is everything you need to know about setting up a productive home office space if you’re deaf or HoH.

Hearing Loss in the Classroom: 6 Tips for Teachers

With back-to-school just around the corner, it's important to talk about an issue that is becoming increasingly prevalent in children under 18—hearing loss. Three of every 1,000 children are born with some form of hearing loss, and 15% of children develop hearing loss later in childhood. It's crucial to be mindful of this, as unaddressed hearing loss can lead to challenges in the classroom, especially when it comes to verbal communication.

How to Care for Blind and Deaf Senior Dogs

A difficult phase in a dog’s life is the last 20-25%. As dogs age, changes occur in their bodies that lead to loss of vision and hearing. Many dogs of this age also have arthritis, mobility issues, and other physical limitations related to the natural (but still sometimes distressing or painful) effects of time. Most dogs will experience some kind of vision impairment, and some develop cataracts. A degradation of hearing ability is common, and arthritis and mobility issues are a frequent concern, especially in dogs that are overweight.

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Home for a Service Dog

Welcoming a service dog into your home is a life-changing opportunity, and like all major life events, requires plenty of preparation. You’ll need to make some minor, but important, modifications to make your home accessible for your new companion. Use the following guide to optimize your home inside and out will help your service dog easily adapt to his new surroundings and help you navigate your daily tasks with ease.

Therapy Dog Right for Your Dhild with Autuism

Therapy Dog Right for Your Child with Autism which has super-helpful information and tips on anyone considering a therapy dog for their child with autism.

From Sex to Sleeping Positions: A Complete Guide to Couples Sleep

Do you love your partner, but hate sharing the bed? In a survey of 1,000 Americans, we found that approximately 30% admit that, while they love their partner, they miss having the bed to themselves. We couldn’t help but wonder, what does this say about relationships that we wish we were sleeping in our own beds? “The significance of sleeping apart depends on the cause,” explains Dr. Patricia Celan, a Psychiatry resident at Dalhousie University in Canada. “If two people sleep apart because they no longer feel emotionally connected, they’re not in love, or because they just had a fight, then not sleeping together would be a worrying sign. However, if two people sleep apart because they are otherwise unable to be well-rested, then the decision to get a ‘sleep divorce’ is not a reflection on the relationship at all. If anything, it’s a sign that the couple is able to identify their problem (exhaustion caused by co-sleeping), their need (undisturbed sleep), and a solution (sleep separately). Those couples are more likely to succeed than the ones who are constantly angry at each other for a sleepless night due to snoring.”

Full Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

There are 9 million people with hearing difficulties in the USA with somewhere around 20,000 of them applying to post-secondary educational institutions annually. At this point, they face one of the most challenging periods in their life.

Navigating a Move With a Disability

Moving assistance for people with disabilities is available to make moving possible for everyone. Like any successful move, it takes a combination of planning, assistance, and care. Instead of letting your move overwhelm you, break it down into an organized list of steps and small tasks.

San Diego Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Shoreline Recovery Center is a dual-diagnosis drug and alcohol rehab facility. Our locations in Southern California specialize in treatment programs for individuals who suffer from alcohol use disorder (AUD) and/or drug addiction (e.g., heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepine, Xanax, etc.).

Your Recovery Begins Here

American Addiction Centers is the leading provider for addiction treatment nationwide, specializing in evidence based treatment and mental health care.

Every Student's Checklist for Achieving Sustainable Living in College

Getting into college or university in the U.S. is an expensive undertaking. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the annual cost of tuition, fees, room, and board averaged $17,237 for public colleges/universities and for private postsecondary institutions, (a) $44,551 at a private non-profit institution and (b) $25,431 at a private for-profit institution for the academic year 2016 to 2017.

Students & Financial Literary

A college education is one of the most important investments you will ever make. By managing how you pay for school and what you spend money on, you can worry less about debt and more about your career come graduation time.

Receiving scholarships can greatly reduce how much you pay for college. Scholarships come in many shapes, sizes – and dollar amounts. Many students receive partial scholarships from different sources.

Social Media Addiction

The term “social media” refers to any website or mobile application that allows users to create and share content, communicate with one another, and participate in social networking. The first social networking platforms were created in the late 1990s, with the most popular sites appearing on the internet in the early to mid-2000s.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Still confused whether CBD oil is legal where you live?
Jumping into this conversation generally brings up other questions, concerns, red flags, and red tape.

Depending on who you speak to, the answer you’ll receive will be different. But, it’s important to understand the full picture, to understand the terminology, and to become as educated as possible in order to make the decisions that are in your best interest.

Justice for Birth Injury Victims

Many birth injuries are the result of medical negligence before, during, or after labor and delivery. Learning birth injury causes, signs, and treatments can empower and guide you as you take action to help your child.

Helpful Bathroom Accessories and Remodel Ideas for Seniors and People With Disabilities

Accessibility options in the day-to-day lives of people with disabilities are so important that they are actually designated as a human right by the United Nations. Often, the discourse regarding disability accommodations centres around accessibility in the public sphere, such as in school or the workplace. However, the area in which accessibility is most vital is actually in the homes of people who live with disabilities.

Assited Living in Iowa

Iowa has an estimated population of 3,155,070. This figure represents a 3.6% increase since 2010. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 17.1% of Iowa's residents are 65 and older. Iowa has resources for its senior population, including an AARP office in Des Moines. The state has a declining overall crime rate since 2016 and a violent crime rate that's 26.81% lower than the national average. Iowa is home to multiple state parks and cultural destinations, making it an appealing place for seniors to retire.

Mesothelioma Cancer Network

Mesothelioma Cancer Network is dedicated to improving the overall quality of life for individuals diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases.

ADHD and Addiction

Individuals with ADHD tend to be overly active, have trouble concentrating, and become bored easily. Oftentimes, people who suffer from ADHD are more likely to develop a substance abuse disorder to cope with the symptoms of ADHD. These disorders combined commonly provoke a cycle of addiction that can be difficult to break without serious treatment.

Drugs Danger

Thousands of Americans turn to medical attention to help improve their quality of life and relieve them of pain and suffering. Medications and implant surgeries, such as hip or knee replacement, can change and even save lives. However, pharmaceutical companies often cut corners where accuracy matters most – consumer safety. Insufficient lab testing and deceptive marketing tactics have cost thousands of patients their lives.

What is hazardous insurance for homeowners?

For many families, home is where the heart – and the money – is. American families have 68% of their wealth stored in their homes, which is why many people view their house as both a place to live and an investment. When you purchase homeowners’ insurance you’re not just fulfilling a mortgage lender’s requirement, you’re protecting your investment.

Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties in Adults

Dyslexia is a hidden disability thought to affect around 10% of the population, 4% severely. It is the most common of the Specific Learning Difficulties, a family of related conditions with considerable overlap or co-occurrence. Together these are believed to affect around 15% of people to a lesser or greater extent.

Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs) affect the way information is learned and processed. They are neurological (rather than psychological), usually hereditary and occur independently of intelligence. They include:

Sleep Help For People With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sleep is one of those things that can make or break our bodies and plenty of it allows us all to function correctly. However, sleeping can be a significant concern when it comes down to children and adults who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Many studies show that most children with ASD find it difficult to fall asleep or to stay asleep at night. The lack of sleep can heighten some behavioral characteristics such as aggression, hyperactivity, and the ability to concentrate. Therefore, people affected by it can find it quite hard to sleep, which can lead to various struggles at school, in the workplace and can generally affect their life quality.

We decided to create this resource to highlight the most common sleep issues among children and adults with ASD. We will see how autism spectrum disorder might affect one’s sleep, what are the most prominent treatment options, the “do’s” and the “don’ts” as well as tips and other useful resources to tackle sleep issues when diagnosed with ASD:

What is Alcohol Addicionn?

Alcohol use disorder (AUD), previously called alcohol addiction, occurs when a person excessively drinks on a regular basis and cannot control their alcohol use. Someone with an AUD also experiences physical alcohol dependence and severe withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking abruptly.

Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Without a doubt, college life can be quite challenging both financially and emotionally, especially if you are a student with disabilities. It does not have to be a reason for setting yourself back and missing the classes since there is financial aid that one can apply for and improve the situation significantly. Every person deserves to learn in suitable conditions and receive the support that will make it possible to cover certain expenses and special needs. 

According to the reports, in the past decade alone, the number of students with special needs has increased from 6.5 million (13.4%) of all students in the year 2007-2008 to almost 13.7% (7 million) from 2017 to 2018. 

Diving the types of disabilities by statistical percentage, we have 47.3% of students with learning disabilities where visual impairment makes up 77.8%, speech disorder issues - 54.6%, autistic students - 57.5%, hearing impairment challenges - 71.8%, and various orthopedic disabilities being at 53.7%. 

The reason for that increase and a relative improvement is partially due to the availability of better resources where scholarships or tuition assistance play a major role. 

A Family's Guide to Caring for Aging Parents

Factors such as having multiple jobs, difficult family dynamics, and the lack of home safety measures can not only make the task more difficult to manage but can also be counterproductive to an aging parent's health. However, if the option is safe for everyone involved, keeping your beloved parent at home can be a rewarding and lesson-filled experience. If you are up to the task, knowing beforehand what to expect and how to prepare for them can help you handle each challenge with grace.

This guide takes you through the essential things you need to take into account when considering in-home care so you can help your beloved lead full, supported lives when they need it the most.

Importancce of Elderly Care Services

Old age is a sensitive phase; elderly people need care and comfort to lead a healthy life without worries and anxiety. Lack of awareness regarding the changing behavioral patterns in elderly people at home leads to abuse of them by their kin. Hence this article deals with the issues that affect the lives of senior citizens and further complicate into major physiological and psychological problems.

Assisted Living

What is assisted living? Assisted living is a senior housing option for older adults who are struggling with daily living activities and need a specialized facility where they receive both housing and care. Assisted living facilities provide skilled caregivers who will help senior citizens with 2 or more activities of daily living, which can include showering and bathing, personal hygiene, feeding, mobility, dressing and more. The average age of an assisted living facility resident is 87. There is no right age for assisted living – you or your loved one should choose this senior living option whenever the need arises.

In addition to housing and care services, assisted living facilities include numerous amenities for all residents. Most facilities include dining with at least 3 daily meals, as well as special dining options for senior citizens with allergies, diabetes or other dietary requirements.

Assisted living cost nationwide is $3,740 per month, and it can vary from as low as $2,220 per month (10% cheapest assisted living facilities average) to as high as $6,340 (average for the 10% most expensive assisted living facilities). Translated to yearly cost, assisted living costs $44,880 per year on average. Costs vary substantially from state to state and from city to city.

Rediscover the Joy of Life

Addiction is a chronic disease – not a personal failure. We help people beat the disease of heroin, opioid and alcohol addiction with dignity.

Car Modification for Persons with Disabilities: What You Need to Know

Living with a disability, or becoming disabled, doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to drive. Even though mobility and transportation are somewhat challenging for people with disabilities (PWDs), technology is quickly delivering solutions that can ease the everyday lives of PWDs.

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Cars for Handicapped

Driving with a disability doesn't have to be a chore because there are several modifications that you can make to your vehicle.  

Whether you are looking into adding accessible products to a car you already own—or are specifically doing research into vehicles that come readily equipped with what you need, driving with a disability is more attainable than you might think. 

Below we'll dive into information related to cars for the handicapped, how to get the modifications you need, and other pre-driving planning you'll need to know. 

Ragesh in Full Throttle

Most of us are passionate about driving and riding here. This becomes all the more important if you are physically challenged because, driving is one place where there is absolutely no difference between physically challenged person and others, movement wise. Every other place, since we use some aids like crutches, calipers, walkers, wheelchairs, our movement is restricted by how flexible these walking aids are.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect may not be as violent as abuse, but it is just as dangerous. Neglect occurs when residents are not properly cared for, resulting in physical harm, illness, or even death. Fortunately, there are ways to help older Americans if you believe they are suffering from neglect in a nursing home.

Does Lasik Hurt?

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Guidw for Students with Autism

Even though an average student may not know much about autism except for the basic information, it is rest assured that they have seen at least one person learning next to them. A reason why it is so is quite simple - the ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder is not an illness but a learning disability. What it means in practice is that there are major differences between how a person learns and what cognitive challenges can occur.Most importantly, there are resources that are available for students with autism that can help and change one’s life for the better.

The fully accessible guide to paying for college for students with disabilities

Paying for college is a complicated process for any aspiring student. It’s a process that raises a ton of questions: What’s a Pell Grant? What’s a Perkins Loan? Do I have to pay anything back? For students with a disability, those questions are even more complicated.

The good news: A disability is not an impediment to a college education. There are plenty of resources for those who need help applying and paying for it.

This guide, designed to work with assistive technology, can help you find these resources. Aspiring students with disabilities can use our table of contents to find the best scholarships for them. At the bottom of the page, we also list some tips on how to get federal and private aid.

Know Your DNA

You have several options when it comes to learning about your DNA, KnowYourDNA is the best source for finding all things related to DNA.

Eye Exam Costs

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Developmenal Disabilities amd Oral Health

Developmental disabilities are typically life-long conditions that make it more challenging to complete simple daily activities. For example, a person may not be able to bathe, dress, or feed themselves on their own. As a result, disabled people have a higher risk of developing health issues, which also includes oral infections.

A Guide to fly with disabilities

The key to smooth air travel is knowing your rights and options and planning for a great trip.

Moving Guide for Families of People with Blindness and Vision Impairments

There are several steps involved in the overall process of moving. Not only do you need to work through packing, but you also need to get acclimated to a new home, new friends, new schools, and even new jobs — all of which can be challenging. However, when you combine all of that with any type of vision impairment, it can make the situation even more strenuous.

Talking to Children about Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can be very difficult for a family to navigate. It can be especially difficult to tell your child that their loved one has terminal cancer. That said, there are many ways to support your children as they face the challenge of a sick loved one. Learn more about tips you can use when talking to your children about cancer.

Home Safety Checklists for Seniors and People With Mobility Disabilities

Being able to maneuver around your home isn’t just practical — it’s a matter of personal safety. For seniors and other individuals with mobility disabilities, being able to integrate fire safety features and other emergency safety measures independently is an important part of preserving their autonomy, and being able to feel safe in their own homes. This is why accessible renovations to the home can be a crucial part of aging in place, or caretaking for a person with a mobility disability. Common accessible renovations include:

Alochol and Diabetes

Drinking alcohol may impact blood sugar levels for individuals living with diabetes, especially if the health condition and sugar levels are not monitored or under control. 

It is always recommended to consult a healthcare professional before consuming alcohol to avoid any possible risk.