"Concerned with the General Welfare of the Deaf of Iowa"

Updated  August 3, 2021

Howard Eugene Andress

May 12, 1928 – July 10, 2020

Howard was born on May 12, 1928 in Alliance, Nebraska. (Howard attended Nebraska School for the Deaf from October 4, 1937 to May 31, 1947.  His family moved to Thornton, Colorado.  He attended and graduated from Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, Colorado Springs four years later.)  He moved to Colorado as a young man to attend the School for the Deaf and Blind in Colorado Springs. It was there where he met his future wife of 66 years, Mary Ann Weinmiester. Howard and Mary Ann grew a wonderful life together with three children Karen, Alan, and Derrick, eight grandchildren David, Jimmie, Stephanie, Natalie, Chris, Brandon, Zack and Tyler and ten great grandchildren Matthew, Christian, Samantha, Jayden, Abigail, Joseph, Ayden, Vincent, Ellianna and Marley.

Howard was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed camping, hunting, and fishing. He was also a huge sport fan who played several sports when he was younger and was a bowling champion in his prime.

Howard was the kind of Grandfather that always made his Grandchildren smile with his warmth and kind heartedness.

His Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren were able to share some of their most memorable times with their Grandfather that they will always keep in their hearts when thinking about their Grandpa.

David's favorite memories includes helping Grandpa make cement up at the cabin. He loved seeing the smiles on his grandparent's faces as the cabin came together. David also loved seeing his grandparents at his swim meets. He loved walking to Grandma and Grandpa's house while he was in High School, and Grandpa would always give him a ride home.

“Our family will miss seeing Grandpa’s smile as we all walked in to visit him in the house!” -Angie “I will always miss the moments where we just sat, talked and played cards. I will forever miss you Grandpa.” –Stephanie

“I will always remember my Grandpa for being able to fix anything and always having his pocket knife ready to go to help open presents on Christmas Day.” -Jimmie

“I have so many memories that I will always keep with me of Grandpa. I spent a lot time at Grandpa’s house when I was young and I will cherish those times even more now as an adult. I remember silly things like Grandpa always having gum ready for me whenever I asked, watching Price Is Right, the banter back and forth with Grandpa and Grandma, the sound of his laughter, his jokingly hard handshakes, his thumps, learning to play Solitaire, his love and knowledge of gardening, watching the CU and Nebraska games when I was older, taking him to Rockies’ games and how devoted he was to Grandma and the whole family. He was truly an exceptional man and Grandpa.” - Natalie

“I am forever grateful for the love and compassion Howard and Mary Ann gave me by welcoming me into their home and allowing me to be a part of their family traditions…I will especially miss Howard’s jovial spirit and gentle embrace and I will never forget the time he taught me how to sign the word poop.” - Mike “I will always remember and chuckle the way grandpa would say “chicken” and when I was young helping Grandpa order McDonald’s when they couldn’t understand him.” -Chris

“I remember Grandpa always watching the Price Is Right. I remember waking up to it from a young age till now. It was one of Grandma's favorite show and therefore became Grandpa's favorite show. Every time it is on it takes me back to those wonderful times.” –Brandon

“I would have to put the time Tyler and I were having dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. Tyler and I were trying to be proper and eat our chicken with a fork. Grandpa and Grandma made fun of us and told us they eat theirs like this, then they used their fingers picked it up and ate it like chicken nuggets just to make fun of us because we were cutting it up and using a fork to eat fried chicken.” -Zack

“This one time Brandon, Zack and I were all at Grandpa’s house having a conversation about if Grandpa could hear himself or not, but unknown to us, he was watching us, so Grandpa as jokingly as he could be put his fingers in his ears and said really loud I CAN’T HEAR YOU.” -Tyler

“My favorite memory of Grandpa was the first time I ever saw him mad! We had lived with him for over a year and a half, and this was the first time he was genuinely upset. And to be honest, he was mad at the three of us (Brandon, myself, and Derrick) we had gone to the mall and then to a birthday party and Grandpa was waiting on us pretty late to come home. He thought we were going to the grocery store when we left and came back home at 10 at night. He was waiting in his chair and when we got inside he started to yell and say he was starving because we didn't come home. He was waiting all day for us to come home from the "store". He proceeded to tell us he was going to go to the cafe for food and not come back all night. So he stormed out and we later found out when he returned (20 minutes later) that he went to McDonald's. Lol. We all apologized when he came home and he was still pretty mad. Derrick explained it was our fault for not letting him know we would be late and he eventually calmed down. After that, we all sat in the living room learning sign language, because it was my fault he didn't know we were going to the mall instead of the store. He was very happy by the end of the night and we all knew to definitely let Grandpa know what our plans were so he didn't starve.” -Summer

“We will always remember that we had a blast with Grandpa at Grand Coulee Dam.” –Matthew, Christian, Joseph and Ayden

Sammie and Abbie always loved going to Grandma and Grandpa's during the holidays. It was our family tradition. They especially loved climbing the tree in the back yard and taking pictures with the whole family at every gathering.

“I will miss Great Grandpa and his will always remember his strong handshake.” –Jayden

“I will always remember grandpa’s smile, warms hug and will remember him for a 100 years.” –Vincent “I love Great Grandpa.” –Ellianna

Even though Howard is no longer with us and is finally with Mary Ann, he will always be remembered by his family and friends as a truly wonderful person.

No public services are scheduled at this time.

Thanks to Gladys Aborties for the information.