"Concerned with the General Welfare of the Deaf of Iowa"

Updated  August 3, 2021

Carolyn Diane Allen

January 19, 1944—June 11, 2020

Carolyn Diane Allen, 75, of Westerville, Ohio, passed away on June 11, 2019. ‘

Carolyn was born on January 19, 1944, in Harlan, Iowa, and was predeceased by her mother, Joy Allen of Council Bluffs, Iowa; her father, Keith Allen of Harlan Iowa; her step-mother, Nancy Allen of Harlan, Iowa; her sister, Kathy Elmlinger-Allen of Lawrenceburg, Indiana; and her brother-in-law Jerry Elmlinger of Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

Carolyn attended Iowa School for the Deaf and later attended Tennessee School for the Deaf, Knoxville and graduated from the school.  She later moved to Council Bluffs and lived with her mother.  After her mother passed away, she moved to Columbus Colony, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Carolyn is survived by her sister, Marcie Cave-Allen of Harlan, Iowa; her brother Kevin Allen of Omaha, Nebraska; her niece Liz Elmlinger and Liz’s husband Sylvan Peursum of Memphis, Tennessee; her nephew Steve Elmlinger and Steve’s wife Lori Elmlinger of Avon, Indiana; her nephew Jeff Elmlinger and his wife Tamara Elmlinger of Florence, Kentucky; her great nephews Steven Elmlinger, Christopher Elmlinger, Spencer Elmlinger and Matthew Elmlinger; and her great niece Devin Elmlinger.

A short memorial service was held last Friday, June 29, 2020  at 7 p.m. at Denney Funeral Home with Mark Tanner officiating.

Thanks to Sharon Petersen and Norma Jean Mangrich for the information,